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Travelling to a new country would be really difficult for the first time as they have their own rules and regulations.  Uganda is one of those countries with minimum regulations in Uganda visa on arrival. Uganda is a country which is home to River Nile and mountain gorillas, which also has more than 50 local tribes and extreme mountain life and many more. These make your next to-do list top Uganda as a destination to travel.

Before that, let’s see some details of Uganda Visa on Arrival:

What is Uganda visa on arrival?

Visa on arrival is a visa which will be available upon landing at your destination instead of having it in hand before you even get on the plane. Visa on arrival may sound like an easier way to get a visa rather than going through hassles of securing one in advance.

Previously, Uganda visa on arrival was only available at Entebbe International Airport or other land border crossings, but they have made it very easier and you can get it online as e-Visa. You can just click here to apply it online hassle-free.

Do airports in Uganda provide visa on arrival?

No, none of the airports or border crossings in Uganda provides visa on arrival. The government of Uganda decided to replace visa or arrival with an electronic visa.  You can apply for e-Visa online and travel safely to Uganda. If you fail to apply for e-Visa online, you will be put on a plane back to where you travelled from.

Which countries are visa-free to Uganda?

The countries which who can explore Uganda without any restrictions includes; Mauritius, Bahamas, Jamaica and other 36 countries. You can get the complete list of countries here.

What are the options

As you will not get Uganda Visa at the Airport, the other options available are; you can apply for e-Visa online. The Uganda e-Visa is easy to obtain by just a click. Fill an online application form which should take just 15 minutes for the complete process.

The requirements to apply for E-visa are:

  • Passport – All applicants must obtain a passport and must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival to Uganda.
  • A copy of the passport – mainly the information page
  • A recent passport size photo
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate – failing to carry this certificate may lead to possible measures taken on arrival.
  • How much does the visa on arrival cost?

Determining the cost, the Uganda E-Visa can be obtained in 3 different ways:

  • Standard processing – this is processed within 6 business days and costs you USD $86.50
  • Rush processing – the waiting period is only 4 business days and it costs you USD $116.50
  • Super rush processing – the visa is processed in just 2 business days and the cost is USD $151.50

The above cost is for the tourist visa and transit e-visa.

The cost of East African Visa is USD $148.00 for 6 days, USD $178.00 for 4 days and USD $213.00 for 2 business days.

So, these are the things to know about Uganda Visa on arrival and enjoy the unlimited experience of Mountain wildlife of Uganda and especially gorillas.

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